The Beating Heart

By Michael Elliott read by David Richardson

The Beating Heart

The Beating HeartBefore every trip, Ulysses Brown would trim his beard, press his uniform and polish its buttons. The Beating Heart might not be interplanetary class, but it was the last working pleasure boat on the Moon, and it was his. He was its captain and his passengers had a right to expect him to look like one.

He’d come up the long way, working the dark side for nine long years as first mate on a freighter that was older than he was. The opportunity to buy his own boat came with the Revolution. The Beating Heart’s owner, like most of the Lunar citizenry was clamouring to get back to Earth, to ‘remake the world’ just as the revolutionaries’ slogan encouraged.

But Ulysses had his own dream. It had carried him through the long years of isolation on the dark side – the same isolation that he had seen break a dozen fellow crewmen…

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