The Last Light

By Michael Elliott read by David Richardson

The Last Light

The Last LightRichard kicked another of the steel cylinders. “Hey. We haven’t opened this one yet!”

Lenny didn’t answer; he was prodding the fire. His gangly body jumped backwards to avoid a shower of sparks.

Richard watched the frilly embers float upwards. His light mood vanished as he caught another glimpse of the fiery light, looming large in the sky over London. They were trying to have a good time; this was supposed to be the party to end all parties, but it was hard to ignore Victor. Victor was the elephant in the room. It struck him as odd that the Americans still called the asteroid by its full name, 2007 VK184, or sometimes just ‘the asteroid’. They gave names to hurricanes, didn’t they? Richard was glad the British press had stepped in to give it a nickname. Lenny said Victor sounded too harsh; we should have called it Colin. How could you be scared of something called Colin, even if it was about to wipe out everything you’d known or cared about. Richard thought it should’ve been called Alan. ‘Colin the asteroid’ didn’t work for him. Now, ‘Colin the comet’ would work, but it wasn’t a comet. ‘Alan the asteroid’ had a better ring to it…

Well, whatever you called it, it had been brighter yesterday. That’s when the nukes had hit it, giving the human race a lightshow to remember. But things didn’t work out, Victor stayed on course and everyone’s hopes died with the fireworks…

Features moderate swearing.

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